Our team at Absolute Compassion aims to provide your loved one quality care in a cost-effective manner. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest protocols and requirements to ensure you receive the coverage you need, working with Medicare and Medicaid on a daily basis.

Insurance We Accept

Absolute Compassion accepts the following forms of insurance for our home health and hospice services:

      • Medicare
      • Traditional Medicaid
      • Cigna
      • EMI of Price
      • Healthy U
      • Healthy Advantage
      • Healthy Advantage Plus
      • Healthy Premier
      • Molina Marketplace
      • Molina Medicaid
      • Molina Medicare
      • TriCare
      • VA Benefits
      • VA Choice
      • Worker’s Compensation
      • Private Pay



We are out-of-network with the following insurances, but can attempt to coordinate care:

      • Aetna
      • Aetna Medicare
      • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
      • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
      • Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield
      • High Mark Blue Cross/Blue Shield
      • Med Advantage PPO Blue Cross/Blue Shield
      • Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield
      • Deseret Mutual
      • Humana (except Humana Gold)
      • Sterling
      • Union Pacific
Home Health Insurance

Hospice Care for Medicare Patients

At Absolute Compassion, we believe that anyone in need of hospice care deserves professional attention and the appropriate care. Many patients enrolled in Medicare, despite having ample insurance coverage, do not take advantage of end-of-life hospice services. We find this very unfortunate that this pain-relieving service is so easily accessible, but so under-utilized.

Fewer than 25% of those enrolled in Medicare die while registered in a hospice program. This means that the majority of Medicare patients are not receiving life-changing and comfort-bringing care they deserve from a hospice program.

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